Hi, I just visited your website recently so I wanna ask where and how can I find the suggestions for places to visit?

Hello, thank you so much for paying our website a visit. If you want to see different places you can go to and enjoy, go to the ‘must visit’ section and find the perfect place you will enjoy. We do give details and brief information about these places so make sure to read them and find out if it’s the perfect spot you are looking for.

Is it required to create an account to use this website or it’s fine even if I don’t?

Hi, no, it is not required to create an account. Just visit our website and we guarantee that you can view many interesting articles that could be an inspiration for your next trip. Accounts are only necessary if you are going to visit the forum page and going to interact there with other members.

Hi, can I ask if I can search for places in my town that I can visit? How and where can I see it?

Hello, yes, you can definitely find places that are nearby your location. To search, go to the ‘must visit’ section and adjust the location to set it in your place. By doing so, you can focus on a specific location of choice. There, we can recommend and show you the nearest attractions near your place.

How can I see the recommendations you have for accommodations and restaurants in different places?

The suggestions for accommodations and restaurants can only be seen if you already found the place you want to visit. If you happen to pick a place, you can click it and it will lead you to its details and information. You will be able to see there also the accommodations you can find in that place.

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