Mala Ventura was created for people who look for adventure and things to do that they can enjoy. We all know how much it is important for us to relax sometimes without simply staying inside our home. Of course, we do want to be active as well or find perfect places that we can visit and create memories with for a little while. Sometimes, we need some time alone but most of the time, we also want to enjoy such things with family and friends. That is why my friends and I planned to create this website for people like us who love adventures.

Mala Ventura

We want to let other people know that there are a lot of places out there waiting to be discovered and that there are a lot of activities you can definitely enjoy. We reminded ourselves, as we create this site, that there are also things better to do in certain seasons. During summer, for example, we want to go to different places and do fun activities, right? That is why we have different suggestions on absolute places you can go to both overseas or just near your home place. We’ll show you how to maximize your time during different times of the year. We are glad to share them with all of you and we hope to become a great help in such things.

We also suggest fun tips and recommendation for accommodations and restaurants you can visit in these places you will go to. For years, people love what we do and we are more than satisfied to be of help when it comes to our work. As such, we really try hard to make this site more useful and informative. We only want to continue doing this for a very long time and make you all enjoy exploring new places and being adventurous at the same time. Mala Ventura will keep sharing wonderful things and we hope that you continue to support us.

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